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We are not currently accepting any referrls for reunification therapy as of 11/2/2023 due to being at max capacity for this service.


Reunification therapy is a family-based therapeutic approach primarily designed to address issues of alienation, estrangement, or severe conflict within family systems. Often utilized in situations of high-conflict divorce or where child-parent relationships have been disrupted, the main goal of this therapeutic process is to repair and reestablish the relationship between the child and the alienated or estranged parent. It involves a variety of techniques and strategies, such as psychoeducation, individual and family counseling, and structured activities, which are customized to meet the specific needs and dynamics of the family. The overall success of reunification therapy hinges on creating a safe environment, fostering open communication, and redeveloping trust and positive interaction between family members.

Here at Boston Psychotherapy & Counseling Services, we use Multi-modal systemic therapy as the framework for Reunification Therapy. This therapy is conducted in 5 different stages:

  1. Assessment: This is the initial phase where we collects comprehensive information about the individual and the systems they are a part of. This will involve interviews, questionnaires, and direct observation. The focus is on understanding the dynamics at play within and between different systems.

  2. Identification of Issues and Goals: After a thorough assessment, we collaboratively identify specific problems with dynamic and determines therapy goals. These problems and goals are seen in the context of the interacting systems, considering both internal and external factors.

  3. Formulation of a Therapeutic Plan: Once goals are set, a detailed therapeutic plan is formulated. This plan is multi-modal, meaning it includes strategies from different therapeutic approaches. We will determine which methods are most appropriate based on your unique circumstances and the identified goals.

  4. Implementation of the Plan: We will then work together to execute the plan. This might involve a combination of individual session, family session, and full family sessions. It might also include practical tasks or changes in the client's environment. The therapist and client regularly review progress and adjust the plan as needed.

  5. Evaluation and Termination: Throughout the therapy process, we continually evaluates progress toward the goals. Once the therapy goals have been met, we will begin to discuss termination of the therapy together. This includes a review of the changes made and skills learned, and planning for the future to maintain the positive changes.

  6. Follow-Up (optional): After therapy has ended, follow-up sessions might be scheduled to reinforce the new behaviors and strategies, and to help with any new issues that arise.

It is important to note that we require initial consultation to determine the appropriateness of treatment as well as reviewing important matters prior to accepting a referral for treatment. We require full disclosure releases for all members of the family, both parents, their attorneys (if involved), the court (if involved).

It is imperative to note that both co-parents must be in agreement in engaging in these services, and Boston Psychotherapy & Counseling Services will not engage in unilateral communication. We do accept referrals from Attorneys, but again, both parents, must be in agreement in engaging in this type of treatment.

Finally, if there is a court order for treatment it must be reviewed during the referral process, and we respectfully request that you DO NOT name Boston Psychotherapy & Counseling Services, Inc., or any listed therapists as the provider of therapy until the referral has been communicated as accepted by Boston Psychotherapy & Counseling Services, Inc.

If you would like to place an initial request for contact please complete the below form, and we will be in touch within 2 to 3 business days for initial contact. Furthermore, all parties will be contacted by email in response to this inquiry if requesting person is a parent.

Reunification Therapy Consult Request

Thanks! We will be in touch shortly for initial outreach to you!

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