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DOT SAP Evaluations

DOT SAP Evaluations

As a DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), we provide thorough and specialized evaluations to determine an employee's eligibility to return to safety-sensitive duties after a violation of the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol regulations. Our role involves conducting a comprehensive assessment of the individual's substance abuse history, treatment progress, and compliance with prescribed programs. By carefully evaluating each case, we ensure that the employee has successfully completed the required education or treatment, and then make informed recommendations regarding their readiness to resume safety-sensitive responsibilities. As a SAP professional provider we are committed to promoting workplace safety and assisting organizations in achieving DOT regulatory compliance.

Our fees for these services are as follows:

  • Full Initial DOT Comprehensive Assessment - $400

  • Follow Up Evaluation - $200


We do not accept any insurance for this type of service, payment is required at time of service.

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