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As a therapist, we understand that it can be difficult for parents to decide whether or not their teenager needs therapy. However, it's important to remember that adolescence is a time of great change and growth, and therapy can be a helpful tool to navigate these challenges.


If you're noticing changes in your teen's behavior, such as increased moodiness, withdrawal, or changes in their eating or sleeping patterns, therapy may be a good option to explore. Through therapy, your teen can develop coping skills, improve their communication, and learn to better manage their emotions. Additionally, therapy can provide a safe space for your teen to talk about issues they may not feel comfortable discussing with you or other adults in their life.


Ultimately, therapy can help your teen develop a stronger sense of self and navigate the challenges of adolescence with greater resilience. If you are a parent searching for a teen therapist in Boston, we encourage you to reach out and see what we can do to help your teen together.


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